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[Solved]Program won't run on other computers.

  • I made a database application connecting to a MySql database. The program works fine on the computer it was developed on. On other computers it will open but it wont connect to the database. There are no firewalls in the way and I believe I have included all linked files because I get no errors saying anything is missing.

    What might I not be getting here, any ideas?

  • It seems you are missing the plugin dir, I suppose?

    Read "this": , you might find a clues on what you are missing.

  • Describe the database setup. Is it on a managed remote server of a hosting company or did you set it up yourself?

  • @A.A.B.A Thank you I am looking into your reference. I have tried putting the driver files I created for QMYQSL inside 'plugins/', but this didn't work.

    @DerManu Managed on a remote server by my hosting company. I have granted proper IP access. I had to create my driver files from scratch because they didn't exist.

  • @A.A..B.A Thank you! This was it. I am not sure specifically what file or folder structure worked because I just added tons of files and duplicates in alternate sub-folders, now I have to narrow it down to what did the trick. Your reference lead me in the right direction, thank you again.

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