Qt and the MIT license

  • Hi, everybody.
    I'm developing some libraries extending Qt (such a framework in a framework), and wish to distribute it under the MIT license. So the question is: does the LGPL license under which Qt is distributed allow this? I would like to use the MIT license because it's much less complicated than GPL or LGPL.

  • If your extensions are dynamically linked (aka external dynamic library) LGPL allows you to use any license you want.

    As for the license choice, be sure it is what you want:

    • your clients will have to deal with Qt's LGPL anyhow, so it wouldn't stop them to use your library (unless they use commercial version)
    • MIT license would allow anyone to take your code, and close it - making non-free software of your code.

  • Thanks for your post.
    Yes, the libraries are dinamically linked.
    And again yes, you are right, than's exactly what I want - allow everybody to use my code as they wish without any limitations.

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