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Cant install "" under PC-BSD9 64bit

  • Hi all,
    I'm using PC-BSD and just downloaded ""
    Did try to install it like that:
    chmod +x

    But got the following error:
    LF binary type "0" not known.
    ./ Exec format error. Binary file not executable.

    If i try to install it this way:
    sudo sh

    I'm getting: ELF: not found �sB�a@8: not found �a@8: not found�a@8: not found @8: not found @8: not found 8: not found 1: Syntax error: ")" unexpected 10: Syntax error: Error in command substitution

    I'm new in Linux and may be missing something. Can't find out what's the problem.

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    Bsd is a different system. It might be - although it's unlikely - that it does not understand ELF binaries. Try compiling libs from source.

  • Ok, then where i can download these ELF binaries from ?
    Also after that how will install QT ?
    Its only in .run file format i think.

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    Those ARE ELF binaries. "ELF": is a standard way of creating binary files on Linux/ Unix. SDK is prepared - AFAIK - for Tier 1 supported platforms only, and yours might not count in.

    If you download source code, it's quite straightforward: run "./configure", "make", then "sudo make install", and you're done. It takes a lot of time, though. If you have multi-core machine, you can use "make -j<number of cores + 1>" (for example, on a 4 core machine: make -j5) to speed it up.

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    Or try if your distro has "libelf" available in package manager.

  • ok, then i need to download and build QT libraries, right ?
    this one: Qt libraries 4.8.2 for Linux/X11 (228 MB)
    after that do i need to install QT ? I suppose these are qt underlying libs and then i'll need to install
    the IDE, obviously using its source as well. Since pcbsd (obvoiously) doesnt support .run format. Is that correct ?

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    I'm not familiar with PCBSD, so I can't give you concrete answers. But building from source definitely guarantees you, that if it compiles successfully, it will work :)

    I gave you installation instructions above. Libs package you chose is correct. For IDE, Qt Creator is a good weapon of choice - compilation is similarly easy, just take a look into it's README file. If you encounter any problems, ask here, and we'll try to solve them.

    For a good list of required packages, see "this": It's aimed at Qt5, but works for 4.8, too. Also, notice the setting of PATH and QTDIR, it's quite useful. In general, for PATH, you need to set it to <extracted Qt dir>/bin, and QTDIR to <extracted Qt dir>.

    Good luck!

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