Adjusting dimensions/sizing to match display

  • I am working with a 7-inch embedded linux evm. And I've been noticing that whatever is on the Qt Designer on my desktop linux machine may not be rendered in the same way. For instance font sizes do not match, they appear smaller on the embedded screen. Also, when I have QLabels with text that might be obscured when I view it on Designer. It does not appeared to be obscured on the embedded screen.

    Any suggestions as to how I can improve this? Essentially I want to maintain WYSIWYG.Thanks.

  • Did you try using style sheets for QLabels and other widgets? May be you have different system themes on desktop and embeded linux and that causes default properties of labels to be different? I had such problem with labels too, when I made my app in win7 and then started it in ubuntu, and I believe that was because of theming issue since i didnt change any style settings for those labels and they just picked deffults somewhere else.

  • Yes, I've been using the style sheets for all my widgets. I'm okay with them appearing differently but it makes my work a little difficult when the sizing is not the same. Were you able to resolve this by adding a style argument at runtime?

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