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Maintenance of QtSDK

  • I don't see any new updates coming thru the QtSDK Maintenance Tool since a few weeks.

    What is the reason that we are still on 4.8.1 in the SDK.

    Also, the Qt5 betas would be nice to be also incorporated.

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    Don't count on it now. After the deal with Digia is done, they might resurrect SDK, but for now you are much better of installing libs and creator manually. Or compiling them from source, which is even cooler :)

  • Thanks, i thought so too.

  • Yeah, we have to wait and be patient till the transition is done.
    And as my educated friend, sierdzio has said, it's much cooler to install or compile it from source, if you are brave enough. :D At least you learn something new from the stucture of the Qt IDE system. ;)

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    True, I can really recommend that. I used to use the SDK, as it was easy and fast, but then when it started lagging, and Qt5 was announced, I switched to self-compiling. It has some advantages (local builds, allowing to have several Qt versions working in parallel; ability to select your own configure parameters, etc.), and is a great learning experience (esp. if you choose to compile Qt5, and sometimes have to resolve some problems that tend to arise there, as this is still not a stable release).

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