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[SOLVED] include problem in QtCreator/Raspberry

  • Hi all,
    I'm new to Qt and Raspberry programming, I've just installed the qtonpi 0.2 on my device and setupd my QtCreator for cross compiling according to the tutorial in .
    I'm now trying to cross compile the hello-qtonpi sample but meet some problems. I am using QtCreator which I already installed on my Debian wheezy distro (QTcreator 2.5.0 based on Qt 4.8.1 32 bits). When I try to cross compile for the RPi, the line "#include <QtQuick>
    " is not recognized and I get
    hello-qtonpi/main.cpp:2: error: QtQuick: No such file or directory
    For me it seems to be a path problem, so I included :
    INCLUDEPATH += /opt/qt5/include/
    to no avail ...
    I added :
    INCLUDEPATH += /opt/qt5/include/QtQuick/
    and now get:
    /opt/qt5/include/QtQuick/qsgmaterial.h:46: error: qopenglshaderprogram.h: No such file or directory
    I'm a bit lost ...
    What should I do to fix this ?

  • Looks like something gone wrong with your QtCreator settings. Check this step again:

    bq. Selecting Qt 5 for Raspberry Pi

    In Qt Creator, select Tools -> Options -> Build & Run and Qt Versions tab

    Select Manual and click on Add…

    Then select qmake file located in ‘’/opt/qt5/bin/qmake’‘ and click on Open

    Click on Apply and select OK

  • Hi !
    Thanks for the fast answer.
    I followed the steps you mention, but it appear that it was already correctly configured. I got the same error on building the sample.
    For sure it looks like a misconfiguration of QtCreator, but I don't see where ...

  • Maybe it has something to do with your Debian wheezy? I have never had problems with cross-compiling Qt5 apps for RPi. I have used Fedora, ubuntu or LFS for that... Can you try it with Fedora or ubuntu in VirtualBox?

  • OK
    I finally got it :

    Following the tutorial, I had set the "Run" settings of the hello-qtonpi project (using the "projects" button on the left hand side of QtCreator), but I left the "build" settings to the defaults.

    They were set to use the Qt 4.8 version which I had already before installing the Qtonpi sdk.
    I changed this to the Qt 5.0 version and all went smoothly !

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