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Lock symbol on UI file in Qt 4.8.1

  • Today i was installated Qt 4.8.1 for windows. i was done offline installation. the actual problem ui file is created but it is not opening lock symbol is showing in the pjt hierarchy.any one please tel how to resolve this

  • What is "lock symbol"? An image/icon file from resource(.qrc)? Have you installed imageformats plugins with your app?

  • bq. Plugins work differently to normal DLLs, so we can't just copy them into the same directory as our application's executable as we did with the Qt DLL. Qt applications look for plugins in a subdirectory within the their own directory, for instance, an image format plugin should be in the application's imageformats subdirectory, and a SQL driver plugin should be in the application's sqldrivers subdirectory.

    bq. So to make the JPEG plugin available to our showimg application, we just have to change directory to the application's directory and copy over the appropriate DLL:
    mkdir imageformats
    copy %QTDIR%\plugins\imageformats\qjpeg100.dll imageformats

    bq. (If you unset the QTDIR environment variable, you will have to type the absolute path to your Qt directory rather than use %QTDIR%.) If you run the showimg application and open a JPEG image, the image will now load correctly.

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