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How to Set the From address in email composer using QtMobility

  • Hi everyone,

    Am using Qt Mobility to compose some mail and send.

    (Working on the windows embedded compact 7 with Qt 4.8 and QtMobility-1.2.0)

    I designed a composer where u can set from address, To address, bcc, cc, attachments everything.
    It works fine and sends the mail with the attachment.

    @void EmailComposer::createMessage(void)
    QMessage message;

    message.setFrom(QMessageAddress(QMessageAddress::Email, ""));
    message.setTo(QMessageAddress(QMessageAddress::Email, ""));
    //service = new QMessageService;

    But problem is it will always take my outlook address as my from address .
    It wont take any other mail Ids.

    Am trying to use QTcpSocket now to connect with some other smtp.(like
    I dont have any idea for using the
    Can anyone help me in this issue

    Thanks In Advance

    [Edit: @ tags and code formatting -- mlong]

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