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Reading numeric from DBRequest

  • Hi everybody

    my problem is to get the right numeric value with 20 digits out of the database.

    I connect to an Microsoft SQL Server over ODBC. I use the SQL Server Native Client 10.0 driver.
    Now comes the problem when i try to select numeric values stored in the database. I have in the Database numeric(20,0) values. In the Result comes a QVariant with the type double.
    When i print the double or transform the double to a string there are problems with the last digits.
    For Example the value in the Database is 10903012224000000001 and in the resultset i got it is 10903012224000000000 (the last 1 changed to 0) or 10903012224000001555 is changed to 10903012224000002048
    Is there any solution to get the right value? I can´t change anythink at the database because the database and the size of the Key as a numeric with 20 digits is given.

    Hope for Help

  • Hi I found a "bugreport":

    The solution is to set numericalPrecisionPolicy from LowPrecisionDouble to HighPrecision the following codeline is to add and then the qVariant is qString and everythink works fine


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