Range of dataChanged needed

  • Hello everyone:

    I have a subclass of QAbstractListModel, used from a QML list. This model has, for example, 3 items. It receives an update with 2 new items, and data changes in the other 3 elements. I call beginInsertRows/endInsertRows (because I have 2 new items), but my cuestion is... how should I emit the dataChanged signal? should i include the indexes for new items (from item 0 to item 4 then) or only for old data that really changed (from item 0 to item2)?

    I have the same doubt when items are removed and there are data changes in items that remains.

    thanks in advance and have a good day

  • send the dataChanged signals for the smallest possible scope (not for new items, they are definitly painted new). The dataChange signal is needed by the views to update themselves.

  • Thanks a lot, Gerolf.

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