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Qt Creator debugger won't allow watched variables to be modified

  • I'm using Qt Creator 2.3.1 to create an Ubuntu application with Qt 4.8.0. I'm building my application in debug mode, and have a set a few breakpoints. When a breakpoint gets hit, when I attempt to modify the value of a variable in the "Locals and Expressions" window, I'm able to change the text, but when I hit enter, it reverts to its original value.

    Same behavior for any type of variable. Also happens in the watch window.


    Update: It seems to be some disconnect between Qt Creator and GDB. I'm able to issue GDB commands directly into the debugging log while at a breakpoint in Qt creator, which can modify variables no problem. It looks like Qt Creator isn't sending the proper commands when I try to modify variables in the UI.

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    A natural first solution would be to try with newer Qt Creator version. Newest is 2.5.2.

  • Unfortunately, I'm locked into these versions. This is a legacy project for which this company had purchased a commercial Qt license. Their license expired and they require static linking. So I'm stuck with this unfortunately.

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    Qt Creator is a separate product... you can upgrade it without upgrading Qt itself, and with no costs (FOSS).

  • Ah, that I didn't know! I'm still feeling my way around the Qt licensing scheme, which isn't all that straightforward. I'll give it a whirl.

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    Cheers. Hope this helps :)

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