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Setting QObject ownship for QWebFrame javascript

  • I have a QObject that exists in a QWebFrame javascript environment through the addToJavaScriptWindowObject interface. This QObject has Q_INVOKABLE methods that return more QObject pointers (like a factory) that are used within javascript. Qt automatically turns these QObject pointer into objects that can be invoked in the calling javascript enviornment.

    The issue is, I want to have javascript assume ownership of this QObject. The current behavior is that the C++ environment retains ownership.

    I've dealt with QScriptEngine directly in the past where the QObject factory object holds a pointer to the QScriptEngine object and creates new objects using QScriptEngine::newQObject with a QScriptEngine::ScriptOwnership argument. This works perfectly. But for the QWebFrame javascript engine, the engine is buried inside of the QWebFrame and inaccessible.

    How can I return QObject's to a QWebFrame javascript environment and have javascript assume ownship of that object?

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