List all running application that started by user

  • How to list all running application that started by user and their start time and end time.

    Please share view.

    Thanks in advance..

  • In general this is OS API dependent. IMO it is quite complex to collect all this information in a unified API. So, I would not expect find anything in Qt. I am not sure, if you will get even the start time somehow on all platforms. When you like to have also the end times, you might a "endless" list when the user is quite active logged-in for long.
    When using Qt to start different applications through QProcess for instance, you can build up your own statistic.

  • i want to track application when user start msword and firefox vlc...etc..using it possible.

  • Any body have a better solution for to find out the starting time of application like firefox,msword etc..using qt ..

    please share the code and views if you know...

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