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[SOLVED] Need some help on providing a Head's Up Display - When Hovering over a Pushbutton - Display Information Onto a small Popup screen with its on

  • Hello
    First of all, thanks for taking the time to read through my post. I am developing an application for which I need to provide the following feature.

    I have a Locker Section, wherein there are several pushbuttons with locker nos (1-48) marked on it. When I hover over the pushbutton, there should be a small popup window with its snap point on the cursor(mouse), displaying information such as Member ID, Start Date etc.,

    I have done the following tasks.

    1. Subclassed QPushbutton and re-implemented a mypushbutton class with QEVents (Enter and Leave Events ) worked out. I am able to display the pushbutton's names here, but i am unable to pass these names to the main class (called widget).

    2. How do I place a small screen that pops up, snaps one edge on the mouse pointer.

    Your valuable guidance will be truely appreciated.


  • Maybe you can use a "QToolTip": for that. Note that it supports rich text, i.e. different fonts, linebreaks, colors, etc. So should be enough for displaying the data you want.

    Also see the "tool tips example":

  • thanks for the tip. will venture on that path

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    Maybe it is already enough to call @buttonX->setTooltip("some formated text");@ on each of your button.

  • Thanks for the reply guys. I went down the path suggested by DerManu. It Worked. Thanks a lot. Now whenever I hover over a pushbutton, I am able to put data into a tooltip.

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