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Why does PageStackWindow not add itself as Parent to a child page ?

  • If I use the most basic code autogenerated from a QtQuick Project I'm already in trouble:

    Try running:


    import QtQuick 1.1
    import 1.0

    PageStackWindow {
    id: appWindow

    initialPage: mainPage
    onWidthChanged: console.log("Stack Width has changed to:", width)
    MainPage {
        id: mainPage
    ToolBarLayout {
        id: commonTools
        visible: true
        ToolIcon {
            platformIconId: "toolbar-view-menu"
            anchors.right: (parent === undefined) ? undefined : parent.right
            onClicked: (myMenu.status === DialogStatus.Closed) ? : myMenu.close()
    Menu {
        id: myMenu
        visualParent: pageStack
        MenuLayout {
            MenuItem { text: qsTr("Sample menu item") }



    import QtQuick 1.1
    import 1.0

    Page {
    tools: commonTools

    onWidthChanged: console.log("Page Width has changed to:", width)
    Label {
        id: label
        anchors.centerIn: parent
        text: qsTr("Hello world!")
        visible: false
        anchors {
            horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
            top: label.bottom
            topMargin: 10
        text: qsTr("Click here!")
        onClicked: label.visible = true


    And start resizing the window on a Desktop. The MainPage has no parent connection (at least not using ubuntu and meego 1.0)
    Is this a bug or am I missing something fundamentally here ?

  • What do you mean "start resizing the window on a Desktop"?

    Also what exactly is your problem?

    At least from my point of view, the code is just fine (i tested it on the Meego Simulator).

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