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About directdraw, Qt::FramelessWindowHint and Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground

  • Hi all,
    recently, i have a project about dispaly video, and this project use the directdraw to display the video on the qwidget with QWidget::winId() which is a child widget in the QMainwindow, and it works.
    but now there is a problem, when i use setWindowFlags(Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::WindowMinimizeButtonHint ) and setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground) in the qmainwindow, the child widget dose not work, the video can not display, is anybody can help me? thank you!

  • I am probably not able to help you but I am interested in how you use directdraw - could you post a short code snippet that shows how you write the image data to the display?

  • Hi I'm busy with directdraw (qt) project I will post results when I have one

    if someone has info on this please post it or maybe someone on qt team already done it , help appreciated :)

  • hi try this

    videoScreen->setWindowFlags(videoScreen->windowFlags()| Qt::FramelessWindowHint);




    setStyleSheet("background-color: rgba(0,0,0,100%);"
                  "border:1px solid gray;"
                  "border-radius: 0px;"

    working fine..

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