QAction Qt::Key_Return shortcut is triggered by user entering values in GUI

  • Dear all,
    I have an issue with associating a shotcut to a QAction. After mapping Enter to an action like this: @myAction->setShortcut(Qt::Key_Return);@ This action is triggered when I type a value in a QSpinBox and then press enter. I was expecting the spinbox to "accept" the event, so it's not caught by the mainwindow.
    I've seen that I can add a context to my shortcut, I tried all values but this does not solve my issue.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    EDIT: found someone with the same question but no answer :(

  • Hi. Try next in you MainWindow:

    QAction* action1 = new QAction(this);
    action1->setShortcut(QKeySequence(tr("Alt+F"))); // Or whatever you need
    connect(action1, SIGNAL(triggered()), this, SLOT(action1Triggered()));

  • I don't understand why your code would solve my issue? This is more or less what I'm already doing.
    Could you explain it? Thanks a lot

  • ok.

    To process key-strokes in QLineeEdit you should override virtual function
    virtual void keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *event)
    // or
    virtual void keyPressedEvent(QKeyEvent *event)

    1. my example adds global shortcut to main window
    2. you can try to install an event filter to QLineEdit - call

  • I would like to avoid subclassing all the standard widgets that do not accept and consume the Enter pressed event.

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