How to take printout of selected columns in qtablewidget?

  • I have a qtablewidget with 10 columns and 5000 rows...Its basically a network sniffer project... So i want to give the enduser a option to take printout of selected columns in qtablewidget?
    a)Is there any option to do so..HOw?
    b)Is there any option to get tablewidget in to excel format..?
    c) can i display tablewidget page wise ?
    Thank You

  • There is probably an easier way to do this. So fair warning. What you Could do is gather the selected information from the selected column, take that information and format it in html, then take that html string and put into a QWebView context. From there you can use QPrinter to pass off the information to the printer. Like i said, time consuming but effective.

  • It is possible to create an .xls document from Qt. Just search after it here ;)

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