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Web Audio Supported?

  • I have successfully built Qt5 and I’m trying to build the webkit per the instructions provided on the site. However I have additionally added “—web-audio” to enable audio support. The command line is as follows:

    perl Tools/Scripts/build-webkit —qt —qmake=”$PWD/../qtbase/bin/qmake” —install-libs=./install —debug —makeargs=”$MAKEFLAGS” —web-audio

    I get compilation errors due to a missing header: JSOfflineAudioCompletionEvent.h in JSEventCustom.cpp

    From my limited understanding this header file is auto-generated, but I could be wrong. In newer webkits the file is listed in /WebCore/

    I get the same error if I try to build QtWebkit 2.2 with audio using Qt 4.8. I also get the same error when I try to build the trunk build from using Qt 5.

    Does anyone know how to build the webkit with audio? Has anyone tried enablinf web audio?

    Another question is, Is audio even supported? I seen in some posts that audio was moved to Qt multimedia in 4.8, but I am not sure if this is still the case for Qt5.

    Any help on enabling web audio would be much appreciated.

  • I had the same problems with --media-stream. I had to make significant changes to three different *.pri files in the WebCore folder. Once i get it working i'll upload a patch, that you can use to see what i had to add for what i wanted.

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