Adding a mimetype to QWebView

  • Hello,

    I'm developing an application that embeds a QWebView component to access some web pages on a specific website.
    These pages at the end let me download a jnlp file that I have to download and then I'll run using a QProcess and the javaws command (No problems with this).

    The problem is that all works fine with a regular browser but not with the QWebView component, this because I see that the javascript code makes this check:

    window.navigator.mimeTypes["application/x-java-jnlp-file"] != ""

    This is true with my Chrome and Firefox browser, while it's false with QT.
    Is there a way I can add a mime type to the QWebView.

    Thank you,

  • maybe you can catch it with "unsupportedContent signal": ?

    Can you provide internet link to test this issue?

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