[Solved]QVariant to QList

  • I have a QVariantMap, and values are QVariantMaps or QStringList, or map with lists... but when I call .toStringList() or .toList() it works fine, but after calling .clear(), removeAt(), takeAt() or something similar, it does nothing! what i am doing wrong?


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    toStringList() returns a copy of the list, not a reference. So any changes you make are immediately discarded.

  • Okay, so how can I remove something from that list?

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    QStringList templist = myMap.value("value").toMap().value("otherValue").toStringList();

    Brain to terminal. YMMV.

    Basically grab a copy of the list, modify the copy, then reinsert back into your map.

  • yes, it was my first guess, but it doesnt work...

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    Ah, the toMap() also returns a copy, btw. Same issue, just next level up. Need a temp QMap, as well.

  • Thank you, it works now

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