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[Solved] install and work with Qt Creator debugger

  • Greetings.

    I am new to the forum, Qt and its various tools. I'm working with Qt SDK version 1.2.1 on Windows 7. Download and install the offline version for Windows (

    I am following the tutorials, testing QtCreator, and now I'm learning a bit to use the debugger QtCreator. Due to a problem that I have been presented (which is not realmentesi is a problem ... I did not want to detail it here or ask for help even before being clarified a question regarding what I have).

    My question is:

    Given the information that I discussed earlier about the platform and tools I'm using and then you have installed the Qt SDK, I'm ready to use the debugger QtCreator or should I install and / or set some other Windows specific tool. Moreover, if I have to install or configure anything (which would mean that the Qt SDK includes the debugger), which is the debugger I'm using when I work on debugging mode QtCreator (this is GDB, CBD or some other).

    In advance I thank any help or comment me clarify this doubt

  • As a next stage you should try and check, if the debugger is running and working properly as expected. If it does, you all set. You can do some real programming and start debugging in the various stages. There are certainly differences for the different possible debuggers, but I would not expect that you start out in wrong direction with either one. There might be other useful tools, but you should worry lateron IMHO.

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    It depends: Use the debugger that comes with Qt Creator when using mingw to build your code and get the Microsoft debugging tools if you use the Microsoft compiler. The debugging information the compilers produce are not compatible, so using the wrong debugger makes debugging a lot harder.

    Note that you can have both installed at the same time. Creator will pick the right one for the project you are working on.

  • I have no (or had) any programming tool or any compiler (at least not to my knowledge) when you install the Qt SDK 1.2.1. Recently I had bought my computer and was only operating system (Windows 7 in this case) that brings installed.

    Being so, I guess my QtCreator is working with mingw or not ... How I can know?.

    Besides being so means that the Qt SDK 1.2.1 comes with mingw or am I wrong.

    Apologies to all for so many stupid questions ... as I said in the beginning I'm new to Qt and working with development tools

  • If you not installed another compiler, you can use only mingw. AFAIK it is part of the default installation. You can check if it is installed in the SDK maintenance tool. Certainly you can change the debuggers. However, if there is not a particular reason, I am suggesting to keep the default installation. This includes also the debugger.

  • "Here": you can download either the offline or the online installer. In the offline installer everything is shipped with. But be shure to enable MinGW, QtCreator and the right libs. This package does neither come with sources nor Qt libs built for debugging. However, your application can be debugged when you compile debug information in.

    If you want to see if your installed sdk has wingw installed, go into the folder and search for it. Also the tools settings in QtCreator should reflect what environment is used.

    However, I only know two ways to build apps with Qt on Windows for Windows. The MinGW (Qt opensource) and the Microsoft MSVC Compiler toolset (i.e. for Qt commercial).

  • I did a test debugging a small program in C language (C language only, without Qt) and it worked properly ... I guess then that I have installed the SDK is working with MinGW and GDB or am I wrong (because as I said before I have not installed any other compiler or tool).

  • Please could someone explain how to label this thread / discussion as 'solved'.

    Thanks again

  • You can Edit your first post, then in the title add [Solved].

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