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Connect qt4 and qt5 git history

  • Hi,

    README file from Qt5 git repository says fallowing:

    " If you want to be able to connect the Qt5 and Qt4 development history, you
    may set up git grafts with the following command:

    git submodule foreach '../qtrepotools/bin/git-qt-grafts <path_to_history>'

    Personally i have no idea where to find this path to history ? I suppose it is some git repo, but which one ? Would apriciate any advice please ?

  • Moderators

    Hm, I've never tried this, and I'm not so keen of having too much history in my repos ;)

    But, if this is of any help: "link":https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt is the official Qt4 repository, so you should probably connect with that. You can also take a look at git-qt-graft's source to learn more on how it works (there probably is a -h option available, too).

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