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Solved: How to display "Display Widget: Graphics View" and "Containers: Widget" alternately?

  • Hi...
    I used a frame in the ui.
    In the frame there are two widgets that comes from Widget Box menu:

    • Graphics View (from Display Widget)

    • Widget (from Containers)

    I need they appear only one, so I put one is in the back of the other (stack), all of them I put in the frame.

    In the beginning I set, "setEnabled(false)" for all of them.
    I assumed that when I "set Enabled(true)" for Widget, it can appear. But it didn't work.
    However if I "set Enabled(true)" for Graphics View, it can appear.

    Please give me some suggestion...

  • It solved, I try used setVisible(true) or setVisible(false).


  • Using a stacked widget (containers section) and placing the graphicsview and the other widget on its pages would've been a possibility, too. It's specifically made for these cases.

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