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Setting up Qt libraries for Win distributions?

  • I'm running into missing library issues when running my compiled Qt app on windows. I know the solution, either copy the DLLs to the application directory or add the Qt library paths into the PATH env variable.

    However, I was kind of assuming that the Qt 4.8.1 library installer or even the Qt SDK would setup these paths for me? I can't package the DLLs themselves with my program because of licensing issues, so I'm relying on the Qt library installer. I'd hate to have to add instructions for the user to add some directories to PATH. Surely there is something I'm missing?

  • any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Moderators

    You can set up the paths to Qt yourself in your app installer. If I may ask: what kind of licensing issues prevent you from just including the libs in app directory?

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