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Link error on Mac/XCode: QX11Info::display()

  • Greetings -

    I'm getting link errors for QX11Info::display() (and other symbos in the same namespace). My understanding is that these are supposed to be defined in the QtGui framework, which I'm linking in. Also, the "nm" command on all the Qt frameworks fails to find any QX11Info symbols. Note that compilation is OK, so those symbols are defined in the header file "QX11Info".

    Now, I've built my own Qt 4.7.4 from sources, because I need to make 32-bit (only) libs on a 64-bit machine. My assumption is that there must be some configure option that I missed, and the QX11Info symbols are not compiled into the framework?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    -- Philip

  • Hmm...looks like you can build for Mac (native) or X11...sorry for the confusion...

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