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Cant Use Qmake

  • Hello

    I am a new one who use Qt. I want to make a program on windows. I use Windows 7 and Qt SDK v1.2.1 .

    I want to make *.pro file from *.cpp and *.ui files.

    My book says;

    1. Open qmake
    2. write, qmake -project
    3. write, qmake

    Problem is that I cant launch qmake. Where is the qmake in Qt SDK v1.2.1 ? How can i launch qmake?

  • welcome to devnet

    I am wondering if you are reading a translated book and that there might be translation problem.
    Anyhow, why aren't trying the Qt tutorials? E.g. "this general tutorail":

    The Qt creator is an editor and development environment. It is hiding most of the issues as starting qmake directly.

  • I have C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (translated book). You probably right. I am a bit confused, I dont know what i do. I guess I read Qt Tutorial for true information.

    So, is Qt Creator better than qmake?

  • [quote author="kingsta" date="1343905862"]
    So, is Qt Creator better than qmake?[/quote]

    With the SDK all Qt components may be installed. Qmake is a tool helping in creating makefiles on different platforms. I rarely use it directly, therefore, my knowledge may be too limited.

    Since you like to start learning about Qt you need to have an (integrated) development environment (IDE). Qt creator just such an IDE. You may use also other IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc. However, as long as you have not a preferred IDE I would recommend starting out with Qt creator. There are plenty of different tutorials helping you in understanding the use of the different tools. However, with Qt creator as your IDE there is not really much need to bother about all these different things.

  • I got it now. I should use Qt Creator and try Qt Tutorials.

    Thank you my friends for help.

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