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QListWidget row and selection

  • Hello,
    apparently, the currentRow() of a QListWidget is updated after its selection. So if I connect itemSelectionChanged() with a slot which calls currentRow(), the currentRow() function still returns the former selected row.
    Is this a bug? Or is it working correctly and it's just me not understand the sense of it?

  • What exactly do you want to achieve?

    "QListWidget":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qlistwidget.html offers a variety of singals such as itemChanged, itemActivated, itemClicked and so on which should fit your needs.

  • use "void QListWidget::currentItemChanged ( QListWidgetItem * current, QListWidgetItem * previous )" instead of itemSelectionChanged(). it gives you the current and the previous item

  • Yes, I know how I could circumvent this issue but my question was whether this is a bug or intended by the developers. And if it's not a bug, why did they choose to do it that way?

  • Ok, nobody seems to know, so let me ask a slightly different question:
    If a slot uses both currentRow() and selectedItems(), do I have to connect it with both corresponding signals to be assured that everything will be executed correctly?

    I saw this in the undo demo:
    @ connect(doc->undoStack(), SIGNAL(indexChanged(int)), this, SLOT(updateActions()));
    connect(doc->undoStack(), SIGNAL(cleanChanged(bool)), this, SLOT(updateActions()));@
    The second line seems to be unnecessary but updateActions() calls doc-undoStack()->isClean(), which might give a wrong return value in the first "connect"-call.

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