• Hi Developer Network,

    I'm working over plugin arquitecture aproach, but I have a question about plugin loader.
    If I call QPluginLoader::unload(), the loader free reserved memory for loaded object? or have I call delete operator?.

    @QObject *pluginInstance = m_loader.instance();
    if (!pluginInstance)
    PluginFactory *pluginFactory = qobject_cast<PluginFactory *>(pluginInstance);

    if (!pluginFactory)

    Plugin *plugin = pluginFactory->plugin(); // PluginFactory::plugin() { return new Plugin(); }

    if (!plugin)


    // delete plugin;@

    Thank you for your help ;)

  • This depends on whether "plugin" is a child (QObject) of pluginInstance/pluginFactory. on mloader.unload(), pluginFactory is deleted. if "plugin" is not associated with the other classes anymore, you're responsible for the memory.

    //EDIT: And since you create it via "new Plugin();" and not "new Plugin(this);", it isn't a child of the factory and you'll need to delete it yourself.

  • ;)

    Ok DerManu,

    Thank you for your explanation (about QPluginLoader). I'll check my memory management.


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