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Multiple opengl screens

  • Hello i am new to QT. Earlier i was thinking its difficult to use it btu now i think its a nice and easy and awesome tool.

    Anyways i developed a small3D game in Horde3D game engine that uses opengl for creating a window that shows the graphics
    but it doesn't support creating more then one window. some one suggested me to use QT for creating four windows
    but i have no idea how should i start. :(

    I have four different camera views already in my game but those are displayed in the same opengl window .
    I think QT is the best option here to do that? can some one suggest me any tutorial for creating such thing ?

  • May be using multiple QGLWidget on the same parent windows.

  • Thank you so much
    i started looking at it and it seemed quite helpful . i was just looking at the hellogl example and i just tried to make two windows with that program just creating a new instanceof the window and it worked. am i going in the right direction?

    1. how can i integrate qt with my game engine ? i am using Horde3D game engine
      if any1 else wants to direct i will be thankful

    Thank You once again

  • If you want to show multiple camera views in your game, a better approach is to use viewports:

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