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EnterEvent and LeaveEvent don't work perfectly

  • Hello, my problem is the next. I want a hover (enterEvent) effect and an animated hide effect (leaveEvent) with EnterEvent and LeaveEvent. That works fine on the early, but if I do 5-6 really fast call, can not be called anymore anyone Event

    After the 7. (it's random, 1-20) enterEvent the leaveEvent doesn't work...
    " - Gif Picture - ":http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/201/bugr.gif

    You can see, nothing is in the events:
    @void Clock::enterEvent(QEvent *event){
    qDebug() << QString::number(counter) + ". call";
    qDebug() << event;
    void Clock::leaveEvent(QEvent *event){
    qDebug() << event;

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