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QML Video Element not detecting or reading stream from webcam

  • I am trying to stream video into my QML application. The video is NTSC, and I get it through /dev/video1 and I can see it being successfully displayed in VLC. When I try to make a video element to stream the video, I get a variety of error messages depending on the url I use. Using
    Video {
    id: camera1
    source: "/dev/video1"
    autoLoad: true
    playing: true
    I get the error “Could not read from resource.”.
    source: "file://v4l2:///dev/video2"
    I get the error "Stream contains no data."
    and using
    source: "file:///dev/video2"
    I get the errors
    Error: "Could not determine type of stream."
    Error: "Could not read from resource."
    Error: "Internal data flow error."
    or “Could not read from resource”.

    These last two urls seem the most promising, since they recognize the device, though they won't display the screen, but I don't know how I can correctly get and display this stream. I haven't been able to find any examples of anyone doing this, or evidence in the documentation of how to correctly format these urls (and how they are parsed). Any help you can provide so that I can display the video being displayed in real time with low latency would be greatly appreciated.

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