Qt4.8.2 requirements on glibc and gcc on linux?

  • Hello all,

    does anybody know about minimal requirements for Qt4.8.2 libraries on a embedded device regarding gcc and glibc?

    As i know for gcc its minimal version 4.5?! What about glibc?



  • Some answeres i got:

    We are not testing releases with gcc 4.7 yet. gcc 4.4, 4.5 is recommended for 4.8 and plans are in place to support Qt 5 with Qt 4.6.

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    But it works with 4.7, too :)

    In general, the requirement for Qt, both 4 and 5, is C++98. Any compiler that supports that standard should be fine.

  • Yes thats correct but we tried with QtCharts (Commercial product) this it not working. The service request got this answere.

    Qt Libs are working with 4.7. thats right

  • I remeber hearing somewhere that the binary release of Qt was built using an Ubuntu 8.04, and was upgrade to using Ubuntu 10.04 for either Qt 4.8 or Qt 4.7. Afaik glibc 2.11 is used in 10.04. That version or higher should be fine? However I think even a lower version will be OK as well.

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