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Stuck: can't download the Microsoft Qt Offline installer via 50KB line in Nicaragua

  • I've been trying to get the Microsoft Qt Offline installer (1.7 GB). I'm stuck with a 50KB/sec connection (eg, old school ISDN speeds, at best). Download time: 10 hours. And this horrible Mexican connection breaks, etc. I was hoping there was a place where I can ftp it. I have a VPS account (TX) where I can put it, uuencode it, chop it up into a thousand little files and then download that. I tried ftp-ing from ftp.qt.nokia.com & ftp.trolltech.com, but the qtsdk/ directory seems to be restricted. Why?? Help!
    /Gorth (www.vettrasoft.com)

  • I have a 32MB/sec connection here in Germany. If you tell me the filename you want and a public FTP server where I can upload the split files too I could do it for you.

    Edit: I've downloaded the file. What would be the ideal size for each section that your ISDN line could handle?

  • "I have a 32MB/sec connection here in Germany.
    If you tell me the filename you want"....

    That's just it, I can't - I've ftp'd into
    ftp.qt.nokia.com, but I can't cd into "qtsdk/"
    directory (WHY?).. I've tried anonymous ftp
    and also making an account at nokia.com, I've
    read that's where it is but why is that particular
    directory restricted? Strange! Could Nokia make
    it any harder for me to get this SDK?

    e-mail me direct (gorth at sign Vettrasoft .com),
    I can supply you with an account + pass to upload
    the files. a split of about 5MB/file is about ideal.

    BTW, it's not ISDN, I'm using a Clarocom cell phone
    'dongle'. The local telco implements some crazy
    throttling scheme (depending on the plan, eg how
    much you pay), like every 20 minutes the bandwidth
    goes to 0. Which does wonders when I [VOIP] call,
    say a bank or insurance company, discussing some
    problem and suddenly the line goes dead.

    Footnote: I am the architect of the Z Directory
    (at www.Vettrasoft.com), an o-o toolkit library
    for C++ programmers. It may actually complemnent
    Qt, cuz I implement back-end stuff, not graphics.
    I bet my system is a heckuvalot easier to use
    [and get] than Nokia's!

  • Just to make this clear: You only need the Nokia (not Microsoft;-) Qt SDK if you want to develop for Symbian, Meego, N900 and N9 phones. The SDK is so big since it needs to ship the complete OS images for all those phones.

    If you don't need them, go for a Qt Creator stand-alone binary (<100MB depending on platform) and a Qt stand-alone binary (<400MB). You will most likely want to build your own Qt anyway, so grab the sources directly and leave the binaries. They are even smaller (~250MB).

    If you consider the source-option: Get somebody to pack up a git checkout for you . That way you get all the Qt versions in one go:-). Unfortunately the Qt4 and Qt5 sources are in different repositories, so getting both at once will not work.You will need to get a compressed archive of the git repository for your initial setup, but afterwards you should be able to keep it up-to-date with git (the amount of data git transfers is rather small after the initial checkout).

  • This is looking like too much of a hassle. I can't definitely say what I want, since I've never seen Qt. Basically I was looking for a GUI library on Microsoft, so I can test linking the Z Directory to a non- console app. I peeked into WxWidgets and that wasn't turnkey either. This idea is rather low on the totem pole (need to find work) so maybe I'll check out pulling the source. Sounds like a time sink making makefiles and what not.

  • OK Gorth. I've started to add the files to the FTP account you gave me, but now I can't add anymore because my FTP client keeps complaining about broken pipes. Is there a limit on your FTP server? If so then perhaps you could start to download the files and delete them to make room for more uploads.

  • Guys, since this Qt thing looks like it's growing into a project I made a subdirectory for Qt, went thru my email and postings to figure out who's who, etc. OK. I assume you two know each other?

    As I may have mentioned, I'm on an extreme budget (and with me, so goes Vettrasoft); the vettrasoft.com web site has been scaled down to a minimum ("survival mode") so I think there is about 1GB, maybe 1.5GB free space. hence the limit, Julian. I started a download (about 12 hours ago) of the 223 5MB files, looks like it's about 70% done (did I mention the slow connection I have do deal with?). I can delete them when done to make room for another batch. ALTERNATE: perhaps you can put them somewhere I can anonymous FTP into so you would not have to go through the hassles I am stuck with?

    BTW, if anybody out there is in need of a C++ programmer...

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