Ubuntu 10.10 update loses QtMultimedia

  • I recently got a canonical update that included all the Qt libraries and SDK for 4.7. I had downloaded 4.7 from the Qt website and had it running fine. It defaults to /opt/qtsdk-2010.05.1 for install. The canonical release defaults to /usr/lib and elsewhere.

    The problem is that now there does not seem to be QtMultimedia includes in the 4.7 update nor complete phonon libraries. And, I have not been able to locate these on my system.

    Does anyone have experience in this area that can help?

  • So far as I know, phonon will be replaced by the Qt Multimedia module, which is now part of Qt Mobility.

    I think you can use the libqtmultimediakit1 package for Ubuntu 10.10.

  • Yes that was my understanding as well - however illogical that decision was by Nokia (so far my protests have gone unheard). But, it does not tell me where the includes are for QtMultimedia. There is no QtMobility folder nor QtMultimedia folder under Qt4 nor even under KDE a mention of mobility or QtMultimedia.

    So just where do I find the library includes on Ubuntu 10.10 and why is this not very well documented in the release notes? In fact why does it have to be deployed differently on Ubuntu from canonical than the install package from Nokia?

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