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QPainter -draw a diagram and get data from it

  • Hello,

    for my project i need draw a diagram from model, and allow the user to edit it.

    Here is an example:


    Rectangles will be read from model so user won't be able to add them. Circles mean input and outputs for tasks (probably also will be read from model )

    And what i need is to let user to add/delete an arrow from one circle to another and to get information about all connections in a list:

    circle1- circle 2
    circle 2- circle 4


    This is possible to be done with QPainter?

    if yes, can you provide me with some tutorials especially the part with user drawing and getting data from image?

  • I would use the "Graphics View Framework":/doc/qt-4.8/graphicsview.html classes. You will use [[doc:QGraphicsView]] and it's friends [[doc:QGraphicsScene]] and [[doc:QGraphicsItem]] (and subclasses).

  • Hi,
    This example will be the best to start with - http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/graphicsview-diagramscene.html

  • Hmm... previous developer tried to implement something like this, but he didn't succeed.

    Now i have a piece of code that looks like that tutorial and i think I'll come back with more specific question.

    Andre, amban thanks a lot for your help :)

  • Hello, i came back with other question:

    I've managed to draw the rectangle with inputs:


    I used

    Now i'm interested if i can figure out which circle was clicked.

  • A circle is clicked if the distance of the click position to the center of the circle is smaller (or equal) to the radius of the circle, e.g.
    @(click.x-circle.x)^2 + (click.y-circle.y)^2 <= circle.radius^2@

    But if I'm not mistaken, the GraphicsView-Framework should already contain a simple circle/ellipse item with hit-test etc.

  • I think it have mouse click event, but the problem is that is one custom item,

    that contains a rectangle and 2 circles(not three different objects).

    It's a object with boundingRect = (0,0,100,100)

    rectangle drawn at (0,25,100,50)

    and another 2 circles. I can save that circle's QRect in a list, but how to get pointer position inside the graphics item?

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