Itemview (QFileSystemModel)

  • hi there i want to customize the QFileDialog, actually I dont want few dir named "data-Production-Folders1" to be navigatable in the file dialog. So wahat i am doing is setting my own proxymodel on my file dialog using QFileDialog::setProxyModel().
    But I am not sure which virtual function to re implement for this, indeed i dont know how i can show the folder in filedialog ""data-Production-Folders1" but dont allow user to click on this and go inside this folder.

    can any one please help?

  • Reimplement the flags() method and make sure you don't return the Qt::ItemIsEnabled flag. You might even want to make sure that childCount() returns 0 and hasChildren() returns false for this directory so the user can't even open the item.

  • Thanx Andre: I am after your suggestion now :)

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