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Problems with compilation

  • Hi, My project use the "forms" (*.ui files) to create the UI.

    Now I'm trying to modify some screens but after compile and run the changes not appers, don't change anything...
    Can be some cache or anything?
    I set the build directory to "/home/dvl/Documents/QT/compiled" and always I delete all files on this folder...

    What's the problem?

  • I change the "Edit Build Configuration" on Project Properties to DEBUG and appers to fix the problem.
    Some others problems appears in the middle, but was easy to fix... strange behavior!!!

  • I got this error again and I can't fix this problem...
    How can I solve this problem or may I say this Bug

  • If I enable Shadow Build and select a folder this error occurs...
    I can imagine why, but the problem is there!

  • Your descriptions are very unspecific. It is hard to give you some sound advice based on the information you are providing.

    Presumably, "rebuild all" may be combined with rerun of qmake may solve your problems.

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