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[Suggestion] Changing search panel's position

  • Hi!

    I’ve noticed that there are many wrong tags on the Welcome page, and I think it’s caused by the Tags panel’s position. It’s quite easy to mistake it with the search field. So maybe it would be nice to invert the Tags and the Wiki Page panel's position, or making the main search field bigger, or more noticeable, or something like that. But that’s just an advice... :) Other suggestions about this?

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Sounds reasonable!

  • Makes sense to have forum/wiki menu boxes on top.

  • Hum, yes, it does make sense.

    Don't be surprised if they suddenly swap positions :)

  • I had exactly the same experience, I have just added a tag when I tried to search the forum. So it is really reasonable.

  • If you swap positions, please, for the first day, mark them in red or something. I already took the wrong one without the change, now I'm used how they are arranged. If you swap, we get many new tags :-)))

  • I'm exploring another option; that is to gray down (for less contrast) the add tag box and button, so it looks less like a search button. This would lead the eye to the full black search box and heavier button when needing to search.

    This would also lighten up the tag tab (the area related to tag & rating, that hinges on the main canvas) so the tags them selves get more "room"/visibility.

    Thoughts? I should probably have made a screenshot but I'm away from my main system atm. :)

  • Good idea (I can easily imagine it without screenshots), it definitely worth a pilot and then we can see. For sure it can not be worse and we already added lots of tags to the main page so some more should not be an issue :)

  • That could make it better, but if you just make it less visible, I think the position "is more in the eyes" than the one on the top of the page. And if you are scrolling up to search, you definitely see it first. But I have not better suggestion... :-(

  • Speking of just the Wiki main page rather need a Tag cloud than actullay addig tags to it, and by the way it would be done.

    Gray it out could do it, but I'm not sure, I think the search function's position still too 'not obvious' on first visit (sometimes not even on the x. time). Its place just not as comfortable and intuitive as it should be, even the other Tagging field would be changed, and it's a big problem I think, because one of the most frequent thing that you do on a wiki is Search.

  • Marius, the slightly grayed out input box sounds promising!

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