Please Support meego! thanks

  • Please devolop apps for meego,don't use "necessitas" anymore. Because android isn't open for c++,"necessitas" wont help Qt in that area of android mobile phones,waitting google to make android available for Qt/C++ is impossible,so Qt wouldnt have any future on android,please realize that.
    But the "jolla mobile" ,this new company give another chance to meego,make it reborn and announced that new meego mobile devices will be released later this year. Not like android,the meego os is a true Linux that allow people use C++,and it embrace Qt deeply.
    I believe the concept of "Qt everywhere",but Qt can achieve this aim only by playing an important role in mobile area. In annother,the meego's future will affect Qt,if meego everywhere,Qt will everywhere.
    And the most important thing is that,meego needs our support,Qt's fans‘ support. So we have another chance now,please dont hesitate to develop apps for meego!!
    I learn Qt before learning C++,which means that Qt let me learn C++'s beauty, what a wonderful thing.Please buy new meego devices later this year,our purpose is not support jolla,but support Qt and meego,support the things we love!

  • Hi, Feynman (Richard Feynman is already dead...), Necessitas is just a work of Bogdan Vatra (mainly)... and this is his spare time project, so we have no influence, and no reason why we should not support this QPA based project. Everyday, 235 000 cell phones are activated and running Android - and this number is growing. However, you say, there is no support from Google - that's not true - Android as a Open Source project (yes, you can download source code) Google provides open toolchains and APIs for everyone.

    Well, Android is Linux (kernel is written in C) and thus we are able to deploy C++ applications on that system.

    Jolla (Jolla project) is just at the beginning of their work and for now there is no reason why to think not to support their devices in the future. It's far, far away in the future...

    I am sorry, but I think your idea is just wrong, because the manufacturer is here to sell hardware devices and for the most of people is operating system (regardless of type) almost always just "a bonus" ... software just can't sell hardware devices and it's always on the manufacturer's marketing to sell out devices.

    Well, not to support Android... developers want to

    • earn money in any application store - you can't earn money, by creating applications, when that current platform use about 150 000 people...
    • spread free application to as much people as possible...

    MeeGo...can you tell me, the number of people using MeeGo ? (in millions...)
    We do not hesistate to develop under MeeGo, but there is one big problem: MeeGo is not so common to see in hands of people...

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    As Peppy lines out already.

    Personally I think it is not good style trying to discredit something, because you do not like.
    In general I think it is ok to ask people to support meego, but I do not see a reason why they cannot publish apps on both platforms. The rest will be decided by the market.
    Someone following your urge is basically betting that only meego will survive at the long run. That will be decided by the manufacturers and the market.

  • Hey,

    If we write the apps with qt, and necessitas is there, you can publish on android and Meego. Where is the problem...

  • oh,I realize where I was wrong,thank you for pointing out.But my question is that even something like necessitas can make qt apps be ported to android/ios, can these apps compete with those written by java?Will people feel inconvenient because they need to download libs to support qt apps?Most common people just want to install and use apps directly. In addition,I use feynman as name on net just because Richard Feynman is a scientist I respected most,the sense of humor of him,made the physic very interesting.

  • I apologize for saying that"don’t use necessitas" without thinking and analyse the situation.And known where i was wrong now, so,thank you.

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    [quote author="feynman" date="1342782450"]I apologize for saying that"don’t use necessitas" without thinking and analyse the situation.And known where i was wrong now, so,thank you.[/quote]
    I would suggest that you remove the first part of the title. A "Please support meego!" would be good enough. You can do by using "edit" of your original post.

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