Necessitas - how to import extensions?

  • Hi guys, last question (today) :D, I have one (big) issue:
    When I type into QML:
    import QtWebKit 1.0
    import Qt.labs.gestures 1.0
    Debugger says:
    W/Qt ( 5160): qrc:/qml/NecessitasDemo2/main.qml:2:1: module "QtWebKit" is not installed
    W/Qt ( 5160): qrc:/qml/NecessitasDemo2/main.qml:3:1: module "Qt.labs.gestures" is not installed

    How to manually add them there (into bundle) ?

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    Not sure, but check project options (the plae where you set the toolchain), IIRC there is an option there to select what modules should be loaded together with the binary.

  • Yes, there are modules such as QtSensors, QtGallery, QtServiceFramework... okay, but no QtGestures, and although I have added QtWebKit libraries, it didn't find WebView (as I said, it's still missing QtWebKit module in QML(?)) ...

  • ...Hmm... nobody who uses gestures? :D...

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