Application faster with debugger attached

  • Hi,

    We have encountered a very strange problem. We ran out of options and would like to know other opinions.
    Here is the problem:

    We have an application that is using QtCore and QtGui. This application is running on a WindowsCE 6.00 platform. When we measure the CPU load on the platform (with external program, delivered by the firmware) we see that the CPU load is higher when running the build without the debugger attached.
    Also when we run our application in release mode (without debugger) we see a higher load when the debugger is not attached.

    We are developing in VS2008 with Qt 4.8.1 (same problem we saw with 4.7.3)

    Who can guide me for resolving this issue.

    many Regards

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    Is this really a problem for you? I mean, it might just be the way that program measures the CPU load that changes the result. Does it also have visible impact on performance (benchmarks, or even a hands-on inspection)?

  • Well the program has a UI, and in this UI you see a big difference in the behavior, when the debugger is attached everything is going smoothly. When the debugger is not connected there is a small delay in the reaction which is resulting that the user would notice it.

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    whoa, OK that IS strange. No idea, then.

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