What is the perfect way of storing history

  • What is the perfect way of storing history.
    My current way is when a user closes tabs i got the QWebHistory and execute a loop through them and submit them every time this si quite slow in case of big history of 5000 now you will ask where we got these 500 historys just search for images on bing and you will get these history as bing updates the url every time first i was using when url was changed update the history but it does not works because in bing iamges this caused a problem and not only bing this is a problem for many websites.
    arora uses historyentry and historymanager and to understand there history system is quite difficult what is the perfect method to use.

  • Why are you not using the operator<<() and operator>>() on QWebHistory?

  • so whats of these use to me my problem is not this i know how to get history

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