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Debuging C++ in QT Creator

  • Hallo.
    I used Google and the search function in this forum but I didn't find what I was locking for.

    I was wondering if it is possible to see which value a function returns at a specific point in the program. Is there a way to see this?

    Furthermore would like to ask if there are some more detailed manuals on QT Creator since this one:
    Doesn't really give enough information for a newbie like me. Since I would like to use QT Creator as an IDE for my C++ projects it would be good to have a manual explaining all the functions of the IDE and especially the ones of the Debugger to me.

    So if you know some good tutorials or Documentations on the IDE please post them here.
    Thank you, Boris

  • You can see the return values when stepping out of a method.

  • Press Shift-F11 to run until a function exits. The return value will show up in a separate section in the "Locals and Expressions" view.

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