Qt-win-opensource-4.8.2-mingw.exe can't install

  • Hello, I'm new to qt and i want to develop only desktop applications in windows. so I've download qt creator and qt-win-opensource-4.8.2-mingw.exe . is that ok? I didn't download full sdk because i don't want to develop mobile application.

    first i installed qt-creator-win-opensource-2.5.0
    then trying to install qt-win-opensource-4.8.2-mingw.exe and it failed.

    it give me this NSIS Error.

    installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
    incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
    installer's author to obtain a new copy.


    i'v tried some tricks from http://nsis.sf.net/NSIS_Error but nothing happens.
    I'm on windows xp service pack 3.

  • The sdk might be easier to install (mainly because it contains everything you need Qt framework, creator, designer, mingw c++ compiler, etc).

    Anyway, you didn't tell us if you tried what the error suggested as a fix, have you re-download the installer and end up with the same error? The installer could get corrupted while downloading.

    And a second thing you can do is: move the downloaded file from eg: My Documents\Downloads to another path (on Desktop or another partition) and then start the installation, i saw this a couple of times, but i don't know the cause - might be some security policy that restricts the installation from those locations.

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