Phonon module in Qt4 and Qt5

  • Hello! I have application written with Qt4, and it use phonon module. I compile it with Qt5, but it's not work =(( I found problem in part of code, where I create phonon paths:

    audioOutput = new Phonon::AudioOutput;
    mediaObject = new Phonon::MediaObject;

    dataOutput = new Phonon::AudioDataOutput;
    Phonon::createPath(mediaObject, dataOutput);


    When I compile application with Qt5, it's don't play music and don't get audio data. And if I compile it with Qt4 all works good =(

    If I remove this string: "Phonon::createPath(mediaObject, m_aDataOutput);" and compile app, then music plays normal, but I can't get the audio data =(( How I can solve it problem? Thanks =)

  • Report a regression in Qt 5 using the bugtracker please.

  • Thanks for reporting.

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