Signal slot crash with static object

  • Hi,

    I wanted to interface my Qt class in a "C" application. For that I have created static object in my application as follows. When the code start execution, it constructs "MyQtClass", and in this construtor the code crashes at the "connect" call!! I think the following code would be more readable than my explanation.

    class MyQtClass:public QTcpSocket
    MyQtClass(QObject *parent=0);
    bool Connect(QHostAddress addr,quint16 port);
    private slots:
    void MySlot(QAbstractSocket::SocketState);

    MyQtClass::MyQtClass(QObject *parent):QTcpSocket(parent)
    //executing this line causes a crash

    extern "C"
    static MyQtClass comm;
    int Connect(char* host, unsigned short port)
    return comm.Connect(QHostAddress(host),port);


    What is the reason for crash?


  • What crash? Once I provide and empty implementation for the missing destructor, slot,and Connect() function and a do nothing main() the code compiles and runs without error.

    You need to rebuild the program am run it in a debugger. When it crashes look at the backtrace to find out what is causing it to die.

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