Qt Creator detected MSVC x64 but cannot select it

  • Hi,

    I would like to use the microsoft 64-bit compiler and already installed the visual studio 10. Qt Creator automatically detected the x64 compiler and shows in Build&Run. However, when I try to select that tool chain in the project's Build Setting, the tool chain does not show up. Only x86 is there.

    Can anyone help?

    PS I am running Qt Creator 2.4.1 on Window-7 64-bit

  • If you downloaded Qt Creator using Downloads page, you're using Qt Creator 32 bits. I'm almost sure it can't compile applications in 64-bit mode. You'll have to download Qt Creator and recompile it for 64-bit platform. I don't know if there's a 64-bit version of Qt Creator somewhere.

    I had the same problem today, now I'm using Visual Studio for 64-bit Windows with the Qt add-in.

  • And just remembering: the Qt library you download here also is in 32-bit mode.

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    Qt Creator can build both 32bit and 64bit, independent on its own word width. It will only offer the compilers that are supposed to work with the Qt library used in your project, so most likely you will have a 32bit Qt in your project.

  • Thank you so much for all your replies. I am sorry for replying this late...just got back in town.

    I am a very beginner in Qt (actually in programming as well), so there are a lot of things that confuse me a lot. Does it mean that I have to download the source file and compile it into 64-bit? Is it possible to keep both 32-bit and 64-bit Qt libraries? and how to tell the creator to use 64-bit libraries?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Yes, you can have both 64bit and 32bit Qt libraries on your system. IIRC there are no 64bit pre-build bundles for windows, so you will need to build them yourself.

    To use a 64bit Qt in creator you only need to set up a new Qt version in Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt versions by giving the path to qmake and then select this Qt version for your project.

  • Are 64bit binaries planned for download in Qt5?

  • Reinstalling will help.

  • Thank you guys for all your guides and tips. I finally got the 64-bit libraries run with Qt Creator! :)

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