QtonPi & QT

  • So, I thought I'd try out Qt on the Pi to develop my lightweight application. BIG MISTAKE! Here's the hiccups. (as a newbie to Qt)

    QtonPi is QT5 - that is alpha quality. If you use QtCreator, the designer doesn't support Qt5. Worse still, the code it creates is not code compatible with Qt5. Also be aware, if you're looking for plug and play components - you need to design them yourself (e.g. checkboxes, buttons, etc) from scratch.

    Qt's documentation makes life far from simple - it's hard to find what you want. Reminds me of developing for blackberry!

    QML sounds like a neat idea; however, it seems to be worse than CSS on IE6. I've spent two days mucking around with it all, and have so far managed to get a list on the screen, that works on the desktop (except page-down btn) but won't respond to key presses on the Pi.

    Another tip, if you're using QT4 it's qmlviewer, on QT5 (e.g. the Pi), it's qmlscene. That took me a long time to discover!

    Argh, in the time I've been trying Qt I could have written the whole app in Python!

    If anyone knows how to get Qt/Qml & keypresses working on the Pi I'd be grateful.

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