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Getting keyboard events while in a drag and drop state

  • Hi, Does anyone have any idea how to receive keyboard events in the target widget of am in-progress drag and drop operation. As far as I can tell neither the source or target widgets are receiving keyboard events during the drag operation. However, pressing the escape key terminates the drag operation so the keyboard events are definitely being handles somewhere.

    I am new to Qt so if you do answer please don't assume I am an expert L)



  • Are you on Windows ?
    Check out "QDrag::exec()":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qdrag.html#exec
    there is a word about drag operations blocking the event loop...

  • No, I am using a Mac/OSX and I was ideally looking for a way to do this so it worked on all supported desktop platforms. It would seem a simple requirement but having spent some time looking through the library code I think its probably not easily doable.

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